How To Tell A Top Tier Online Casino From A Fake In Four Easy Steps


In the old days, one had to physically drive down to a casino, jostle for parking space, pay for accommodation, meals, and more for a night out of gambling. Today, while the same love for gambling still permeates our communities, it’s much easier, even cheaper, to gamble with the power of the world wide web.

That said, some feel like online gambling is less complete of a gambling experience. After all, while you may get convenience and other perks, you lose other things that are impossible to recreate virtually. Many cite the loss of human touch and privacy as aspects that hinder them from having a fully satisfying online experience.

Well, the good news is that though such elements of the game cannot be replicated perfectly in the digital world, there are many live casino software like that emulates these almost to a tee. To help you get the most out of your online gambling experience and pick the real ones from the fakes, here are four questions you should ask.

1. Is the Video Streaming High Quality?

One important aim of any online casino streaming service is to combine the atmosphere and interaction you’ll find in a real casino with the ease of gambling online. That way, users can enjoy the best of both worlds — the human experience of having a real dealer, yet with the immense convenience of accessing the gameplay from home.

So far, it seems like the most successful way to bridge the gap is through video streaming. Put simply, it means that a video link is set up between a live dealer and online players, such that the players can literally see the cards being dealt in the game. This is a far cry from the usual online gameplay, where players can only click around and wait for the software to deal with the cards. In some live streams, players can even interact with the live dealer through audio links or comment sections.

As such, if you’re looking for such an experience, it’s important to make sure that the video streaming capabilities of the website are in tip-top shape. After all, nothing is more frustrating than lagging in an exciting game or watching your cards through a pixelated screen. Not sure how to find out? Well, you can always start with online reviews of the video streaming quality, or watch some recorded streams available on YouTube. Chances are, if the videos are clear and seamless on these, they’ll be good to go for your experience too.

2. Are There Strong Privacy Measures?

Admittedly, gambling is a risky business when it comes to money. We’re not just talking about losing money on a bet or a game, but also from illegal use when you reveal your card information on online gambling sites.

Truth be told, it’s not that you can’t trust the hosts of the casino site as they are usually not the ones with bad intentions to steal sensitive information. However, if they have weak security and database protection, it makes them very susceptible to hackers who target these sites knowing that countless transactions happen there every day.

In order to protect yourself, do seek out online gambling sites and software with a reputation for high data security. You should also look at the fine print carefully and look out for clauses that allow your information to be shared with third-party companies. Many people don’t think much of it, but it leaves your information out there and available to be tracked by companies you may not even know about. Hence, if you do find such clauses, be sure to opt-out!

For added protection, also consider setting up and using a PayPal account to place bets and buy tickets when you’re gambling online. While it may incur a small additional fee, it places your banking and financial information safe from any prying eyes looking for the next best scoop.

3. Does the Site Limit Betting?

Upon first glance, this question might seem strange. After all, who would want their betting ability to be restricted? However, as experience has informed us, online gambling is as addictive, if not more than physical gambling. And while you may limit yourself to a cash bankroll at a physical casino, your virtual wallet is unsealable and seemingly infinite at your disposal.

Hence, to reduce temptation to spend more than you can afford, some sites have implemented a limit system that restricts how much you can bet in an hour, day or month. These are particularly useful for those who want to ensure they play within their means and not spiral out of control.

4. Is The Accessibility Top Tier?

The whole point of playing online is arguably to make use of the ability to play anytime, anywhere. Compared to physical casinos where you have to wait hours for a big draw or abide by opening and closing times, online casinos have drawn every other minute and are open 24 hours a day. Travelling is also made redundant, so instead of driving hours on the interstate, at most you only have to move from one side of the couch to the next.

That said, there are some additional features that set some gambling sites apart from others, taking accessibility to the next level. If you’re someone who has convenience on the very top of your priority list, this is something you should note. The first feature you might want to pay attention to is whether the online casino has an app or mobile-ready version. This means players like yourself don’t even need to have a computer or desktop with you — all you need is a smartphone. It may sound like an insignificant feature, but the experience on mobile for websites and apps that are optimized for it is leaps and bounds better than those without.

The second feature is that of offline play. This is for those who have spotty Internet connections that interrupt gameplay, or worse, make you forfeit a winning ticket just because you can’t log on. Some sites do have this offline feature, that allows you to play even without an Internet connection! For these, you can also pre-buy tickets, and the system will automatically alert you and give you your prize if you win, even if you were logged out during the event.


All in all, online gambling can be of amazingly high quality if you choose the right site. The next time you go online, check against this checklist of four important questions and criteria to select your virtual casino by. Even if the first site you see doesn’t meet these, fret not! There are plenty of different sites online for you to choose from — yet another beauty of choosing to gamble virtually.

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