GRUESOME To Release New EP; Title Track With Guest Sean Reinert (Death/Cynic) Streaming


The oldschool death metal influenced group Gruesome have announced they will release a new EP, “Fragments Of Psyche“, via Relapse Records on March 31st. It’s said the material is specifically influenced by Death’s monumental Human album and will include a cover of the song “Choke It“. Also included are demos of Gruesome‘s early recordings are also featured, including: “Closed Casket“, “Gangrene“, “Gruesome“, “Psychic Twin” and “Savage Lands“. A stream of the title track can be found below which features guest Sean Reinert of Death and Cynic fame. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey (also of Exhumed) said of this outing:

“We are super psyched about this EP as it features a very, very special guest: Mr. Sean Reinert who did an incredible job on the tune we wrote for him. I can’t even express how humbled I am to have such an incredible musician and equally great dude as Sean playing on one of our songs. Having Sean do this with us really makes it feel like we are honoring the legacy of Death in the best way that we collectively know how.

This EP is all about connecting the different eras of the Death discography and also bridging the Gruesome sound into new areas moving forward. It’s only fitting that we pay homage to the Leprosy record with this “Humanized” reimagined version that Gus and Dan did a fantastic job arranging.

We are really excited to continue paying tribute to Chuck‘s work in all the different eras of Death as we move forward with Gruesome. We hope that you enjoy going along with us, thanks for checking out our tunes and let the Death Metal Flow.”


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