Do Dentists Require DBS Checks

Many organisations and industries now require prospective employees to undergo DBS Checks to protect children and vulnerable adults and recruit safely. In the UK the healthcare industry and the NHS also need these background checks as with those in the field of education that includes lecturers, teachers, maintenance staff and even private tutors.

NHS and Healthcare DBS Checks

Those working in healthcare or a hospital in the UK will need to undergo a DBS Check as a standard procedure during recruitment. Generally, all new employees need DBS Checks although many employers also have made it a norm to have up to date DBS Checks of their employees irrespective of their job profiles.

The same practice applies to the dental profession. These checks are necessary to protect patients while ensuring that only people suited for the job are employed, so as not to endanger vulnerable adults or kids. Having DBS Checks in the dental profession ensures that the patients are safe when they come in for dental treatment.

Kind of checks needed for dental surgery 

Dentists need to apply for a DBS Check online. They are an integral part of dentistry and have the responsibility for taking care of patients. Apart from dentists’ other staff in the profession that need vetting include administrative staff, receptionists and dental nurses,

However, different job roles that are part of different regulated activities, will vary from those done by a dentist. Subject to the work profile there will be different kinds of DBS Checks needed as mentioned below.

Types of DBS Check needed

Dentist: As medical professionals, it is their primary responsibility for offering healthcare to patients. All those qualifying as medical professionals must apply for both an enhanced DBS Check and a barred list check as well (both for Children’s and Adults barred lists). 

Administrator: Those working in administrative roles in a dental practice do not have the responsibility of providing healthcare. However, they still will interact with patients from time to time as part of their job. Therefore, these staff members can apply for a Standard DBS Check. However, if they have to interact and supervise children, they need to undergo advanced checks as well.

Dental nurse: Since they offer healthcare, they are part of a regulated activity as well. As with dentists, dental nurses also must go in for an Enhanced DBS Check along with the barred list check after their employer has applied for one.

Receptionist: Those working as reception staff at a dental clinic need to undergo a Standard DBS Check. However, if their job involved regulated activities, they will need to have higher checks. 

Both Standard and Enhanced vetting reveal unspent and spent convictions, reprimands, cautions and any warnings that the candidate might have received. With an enhanced DBS there comes additional info from the local police department that might be of relevance.

Cleaner: If at any stage an employee working as a cleaner interacts with patients in a dental practice or any other medical agency, they can have a Basic DBS Check. Similarly, if they will work in the patient wards they will have to undergo higher checks.

As mentioned, it is critical to ensure that every staff member working in healthcare, including a dental clinic, should have the corresponding background criminal check for safety. It is the responsibility of all healthcare institutions to safeguard the wellbeing of patients while offering services of the highest standards with only vetted employees. 

Cost of DBS Checks for Dentists

To know the cost of Basic, Standard and Enhanced Checks you can find the relevant details at our website

Free DBS Check

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Fast Track DBS & Bulk DBS Checks

Those employers that need multiple checks for employees can benefit from our Fast Track DBS Service. Using this service an employer can track the progress of DBS Checks with our easy to navigate and user-friendly website. Furthermore, if an employer processes more than 10 applications for DBS Checks in a year they can apply for our eBulk DBS Checks.

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