DEUCE (Ex-HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD) Releases “Here I Come” Video!

Portland based and Los Angeles bred rapper, producer and singer Deuce has announced that his latest album, ‘Invincible’, will be released via Better Noise Records on December 1st. The masked musician is vying for immortality with 14 new tracks, representing his next natural step from his 2012 debut solo album, ‘Nine Lives’ – which sold 100,000 units, received 33 million views on YouTube, and featured the hit single “America”. ‘Invincible’ can be pre-ordered on iTunes HERE.

Recorded in both Los Angeles and Portland, the recording process brought out polarizing emotions. “The material we did in L.A. was a little angrier,” Deuce explains, “In Portland, it got more mellow and hip-hop. I think you can hear the difference.” ‘Invincible’ includes “World On Fire”, “Bitch This Is It”, and the lead single “Here I Come” (out now on Better Noise Records) – which features eerie keys, chugging guitar, and an unshakable hook, “Until I die, I’m never fucking done.” This is a drastic change from what he did in Hollywood Undead, alot of the metal elements have been decreased, but there is still some guitar parts and aggresive undertones. However, for anyone that was/is a fan of Hollywood Undead especially during Deuces tenure they will certainly enjoy this new track and forthcoming album.


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