Danny Worsnop On Entitled Fans “You’re Not Important”, Working On New Asking Alexandria Material

Danny Worsnop is most known for being the frontman and vocalist for English rock band Asking Alexandria, but has endured a decade plus long career that has seen the singer front We Are Harlot after he left Asking Alexandria in early 2015. Worsnop never one to be pigeonholed has released two solo albums, with 2017’s ‘The Long Road Home’ showcasing Danny’s love of country and folk music, which surprised a lot of his long time fans.  His latest solo output, 2019’s ‘Shades of Blue’ lean a little less country, but still showcases Worsnop’s great vocals and penchant for writing catchy music, regardless of genre.

Danny Worsnop joins the co host Jon of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast to discuss his latest record, Shades of Blue, and the song writing process from this album, and how it differs from The Long Road Home.

The guys also touch on the current state of fans, and their sense of entitlement and what they expect from the artists for simple buying a ticket to a show, and where Danny thinks the current state of touring is headed. He also talks about going to the studio to work on new material, presumably for Asking Alexandria.

Listen to the full interview below:

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