CURRENTS Prepare Us For Their Upcoming EP With Incredible Track ”Into Despair”!

With only a debut album out Currents have already made clear on what they bring to the table and after releasing ”Into Despair” I got no doubt in my mind that their up and coming EP ‘I Let The Devil In’ is going to sound amazing!

”Into Despair” got released on the second of November via SharpTone Records and it is the first clue on what EP ‘I Let The Devil In’ is going to sound like. The EP is set to release on the 14th next month and if it is at all going to sound like ”Into Despair” it might go down as an EP they will get remembered by. So without wasting anymore of your time, let’s get right into the emotional and heavy side of Currents!

Pre-order this beast right now!


Brian Wille – Vocals
Jeff Brown – Drums
Chris Wiseman – Guitar
Ryan Castaldi – Guitar
Dee Cronkite – Bass

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