PALLBEARER Announce September Tour Dates

Progressive doom metallers Pallbearer has announced a string off show dates that will occur in late September. This “mini-tour” will include performances at Heavy Mountain II Fest in Asheville, NC with Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, and Windhand, a show with Kayo Dot in Lexington, KY, and additional dates with Destroyer of Light. Find tickets and information here

Recently, Pallbearer has partnered with Nuclear Blast to bring their upcoming record to a larger worldwide audience. The band has also released the single, “Atlantis” as part of Sub Pop Records’ “Sub Pop Singles Club”. Listen here

This four-piece Arkansas band first came onto the doom metal scene with their debut Sorrow and Extinction. Since then, they have received high praise for their other releases, Foundations of Burden and their latest Heartless. You can keep up to date with all things Pallbearer on their Instagram


  PALLBEARER Tour Dates:

Sep 21 – Asheville, NC – Heavy Mountain Fest

Sep 22 – Lexington, KY – The Green Lantern

Sep 24 – Columbus, OH – Skully’s

Sep 25 – Cleveland, OH – The Grog Shop

Sep 26 – Hamtramck, MI – The Sanctuary

KING DIAMOND Announces New Album Details, North American Tour

Metal icon KING DIAMOND has announced details on his forthcoming album and released dates for a North American tour that will kick off in early November and run until the end of the year.

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OPETH Releases New Single, “Svekets Prins” Off Upcoming Album, ‘In Cauda Venenum’ [Track Stream]’

Swedish progressive metal legends, Opeth, have just released the new single “Svekets Prins” off of their highly anticipated 13th album ‘In Cauda Venenum,’ which is set to drop September 27th via Moderbolaget/Nuclear Blast Records. Recorded in 2018 at Stockholm’s Park Studios, the upcoming full-length release will be offered in both Swedish and English language versions. “Svekets Prins,” the track’s Swedish version, will be followed up next week by the release of the English version, “Dignity.” Continue reading

Bourbon & Beyond Festival 2019 Ticket Giveaway! [Entry Details]


The World’s Largest Bourbon Festival, Bourbon & Beyond, makes its anticipated return to Louisville, KY Friday, September 20, Saturday, September 21, and Sunday, September 22, expanding to three days full of incredible music, unique culinary events, and unmatched experiences from the region’s best distilleries at the new Highland Festival Grounds At KY Expo Center. Continue reading

Rock & Roll Totally Isn’t Dead!

You see, people are always quick to jump and tell us that rock is dead. Well, there are numerous reasons why that isn’t true, and in today’s article, we are going to discuss some of those reasons. It’s true that the popularity of rock isn’t as immense as it used to be, but there’s still plenty of good music around, and if you work hard enough, you can find it. Without dragging this on for too long, let’s dive into this article right away, and hopefully, you’ll find something interesting, or learn something new.

When we say that rock isn’t dead, we mean it and it is an honest statement. As we’ve previously mentioned in the intro, while rock’s popularity isn’t what it used to be, there are still plenty of good bands around. The reason why it’s so hard to find them? Well, the mainstream media doesn’t push them unless they have a specific sound that works for the masses, and under certain conditions too. Basically, if you’re willing to be a ‘puppet’ and change your unique style of music just because something else sells better, then you can get in on the industry. And that’s also when rock bands stop being rock and switch to something else, meaning that their original and unique style is dying. And the other reason why good groups are so hard to find is that the number of music-posting mediums is at an all-time high. You see, just ten years ago you had only a few of them — Tv, Youtube, and of course, the legendary Myspace. With Myspace dying out, and Youtube gaining popularity, everything changed. That’s also when numerous other social networks also came into play. Some of those are Facebook, Soundcloud, Vkontakte, and many others that even we don’t know about. All in all, really funny chaos was created, and it has its good and bad sides too, which we will also discuss.

Let’s discuss a dull lousy side first since it’s the only thing on the menu as far as the bad stuff goes. You can get lost! Simple as that. And as far as the good things go, you have now more than ever, massive opportunities to enrichen your musical library. And, if you’re willing to dig deep enough, we guarantee that you’ll find some precious gems in the underground music world. Of course, you can do that, or you can waste time and browse something like gay porn games. And we’re not talking about preferences here. We’re merely stating that engulfing yourself in music is a much better choice than the unhealthy habit of consuming pornography can be even though both of those things can have their good sides if you have good self-control. So, yeah, all in all, browse freely and safely, and you’ll find your way. Eventually, maybe you’re even going to thank us for everything when your music library is all massive and set up on some excellent rock gigs and parties!

Healing Power of Music: How Music Therapy Helps Those With Parkinson’s Build Strength

Healing Power of Music: How Music Therapy Helps Those With Parkinson’s Build Strength

Parkinson’s Disease is one of the most challenging diseases. This is because it is a progressive disorder that worsens the symptoms as time passes by.

The disease itself is simple. Based on studies, the disorder revolves around the nerve cells or neurons that produce the chemical brain messenger or the dopamine. As it appears, the disease causes these neurons to break down and gradually die. And the lack of dopamine in the brain causes for the symptoms to arise.

Apparently, the symptoms of Parkinson’s are mainly the music reason why this has become a very challenging disease. This is because the symptoms include tremors in limbs, slurred speech, rigid muscles, loss of balance, and worse, difficulties in controlling movements and actions.

Causes and Cure

Up until recent times, it is still unclear as to where this disease comes from. But even so, there are several factors that have been found to contribute. And these apparently include genes, external triggers, presence of Lewy bodies, and lifestyle.

Just like its cause, the cure for Parkinson’s is also unknown. And sadly, there is no cure yet that has been found to effectively eradicate the disease. Nevertheless, treatments and medications actually improve the symptoms. And one of which is music therapy.

Music Therapy As A Treatment

Music therapy is becoming more popular these days. And this is because people are now witnessing the apparent and positive impacts of this kind of therapy.

It is worth noting that this is far different from having music lessons. In music therapy, music is utilized but it is not taught to the patients.

As it appears, music therapists would largely appropriate different kinds of music and use it as an avenue in every session to improve health conditions and concerns like Parkinson’s disease.

The Power of Music Therapy Over Parkinson’s Disease

It is worth noting that people who suffer from Parkinson’s reveal that moving to a rhythm helps them cope up with the symptoms of the disease. In fact, this technique is now known as the rhythmic auditory cueing wherein rhythms are used to promote movements and actions to the person.

This is why a lot of therapists and rehabilitation experts largely employ music and rhythms in their respective therapy sessions. Hence, music therapy has become a very suitable and powerful platform for those who have Parkinson’s.

In music therapy, several activities are done that mainly uses music as its focal point. It can be singing, dancing, or even playing musical instruments. But for therapies that solely designed for people who have Parkinson’s, singing and dancing are the top two activities utilized in every session.

    • Dancing

Dancing is apparently a great activity for individuals who have Parkinson’s disease. As mentioned, rhythms have been found to be very helpful in these conditions. And dancing to certain music provides this platform.

Also, this kind of activity in each session serves as an effective exercise as well. In fact, many specialists and experts see dancing as a form of aerobic exercise that is pretty beneficial for individuals with Parkinson’s. Not to mention, balance and coordination are largely emphasized and practiced in this activity.

    • Singing

As for singing, this kind of activity in a music therapy session helps the patients to enhance the volume and quality of their voices. Accordingly, this can improve the symptoms of the disease that cores on speech.

Another benefit that any individual can obtain from singing through music therapies is the improvement of respiration and swallowing. Based on recent studies, it has been found that singing improves the muscles that are seen to be responsible for breathing and swallowing.

Additional Benefits of Music Therapy Over Parkinson’s Disease

Aside from the main symptoms that every individual experience from Parkinson’s, this disease also offers other relating effects that can be unhelpful and unhealthy to the person. And these may include depression, anxiety, thinking difficulties, and other mental and physical issues.

But thankfully, music therapy does not only offer benefits for the actual disease and its symptoms. As it happens, it also offers additional benefits that can essentially help improve the quality of life of every individual who is suffering from Parkinson’s.

                – Providing Avenues for Socialization

During music therapy sessions while doing certain activities, this actually provides avenues and opportunities for everyone to get social.

For instance, in dancing, certainly, this session will surely require groups and partners. Accordingly, it helps each and every patient become more exposed to their environment with other people.

                – Enhancing Mood and/or Cognitive Function

As you may know, music has been already known to offer various benefits to one’s cognitive functions and mental capabilities. In fact, music is found to help people improve their brains and minds.

Therefore, people who have Parkinson’s and regularly attends music therapy session will definitely obtain these benefits in the long run.

                – Balance

Balance is one of the most affected aspects of one’s being when Parkinson’s disease is apparent. But thanks to music therapy, this aspect can be improved naturally.

When dancing and doing other activities in each session, stride length, posture, and positions are all corrected and minded. So, anyone who will attend such session will surely improve their balance.

                – Communication

Aside from balance, mood, brain features, and social skills, another aspect that can be improved when taking music therapies is communications skills. This is because singing and humming can naturally train and relax vocal cords. So, even if you are on a slurred speech or having difficulties in speaking due to Parkinson’s disease, having a music therapy session will definitely help improve this aspect.

Final Thoughts on The Healing Power of Music

 In totality, Parkinson’s disease is a very challenging matter to experience, discuss, or even suffer from. And while cure has yet to be found, treatments like music therapies can actually change the whole course and game. Hence, if you are still wondering how music can really be helpful in the medical world, these quick points given above are already a clear tell.

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John 5 On Ace and Peter joining Kiss On Farewell Tour “Would Be Icing On The Cake”.

John 5 is a renowned guitarist who has graced many well-known musical acts with his unique playing skills including Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, and Rob Zombie.  As a solo artist with his own band, John 5 and the Creatures,  In the vein of Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and others who sit upon similar thrones, 5 takes on the role of guitar aficionado, or “shredder” with the confidence and (seemingly) the greatest of ease. His latest album, Invasion, is out now via 60 Cycle Hum Records.  Continue reading