Watch OVTLIER’s All New Groovy, Melodic And Harrowing Music Video, ‘Spineless’

OVTLIER from Rochester, New York are one of the most talked about new metalcore bands in town. It is justified that the sick yet amazing music that they create makes them worthy of all the attention that they are thrown at. OVTLIER has just released a new single that goes by the name, ‘Spineless‘ and oh boy, the music video is intense. The video contains disturbing imagery, so proceed with caution.

It talks about the horrors of the healthcare or drug industry. The new song is some thing nu metal fans can directly cling on to as there are sections the band goes out all guns blazing and then there are certain complimentary parts where they all even out the aggression by taking to clean vocals and anthem-esque melody. Both of the vibes go hand in hand pretty darn well.

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AGNOSTIC FRONT Announce Upcoming Album “Get Loud!”, Release Lyric Video For “Spraypaint The Walls” [Lyric Video]

New York Hardcore legends Agnostic Front have announced the release of the twelfth studio album, Get Loud!. The album is due out for release on November 8th via Nuclear Blast. In celebration of the release, Agnostic Front is also premiering the first single off the album with the lyric video, “Spray Painted Walls”. 

Vocalist Roger Miret comments, “So excited for everyone to hear our new record GET LOUD! I really love the songs and it feels like a great mixture of what we have done our whole career! We put 100% into this from top to bottom! Everyone involved from start to finished just killed it! See you in the pit to celebrate these songs soon!”

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INSOMNIUM Releases Another Soul Touching Track From Their Upcoming Record ‘Heart Like A Grave’!

I remember hearing ”While We Sleep” for the first time and thinking to myself ”How can this be so beautiful?”. I had never been into the genre let alone into Insomnium but instantly it touched something I had no clue was even there. Their music has a healing power like no one else and that includes brand new track ”Heart Like A Grave”!

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Underground, Inc.: Shaun Katz’s Labor of Love for Alternative Music Comes to Perfect Fruition

Underground, Inc.

13 September 2019

Written, directed and produced by:

Shaun Katz

Life is a short span of time for each of us. Things go up and things come down. There are moments of strife that we can’t seem to see the end of and times of pure joy that we hope will never end. There are tragic times that we can never forget like the assassination of J.F.K, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, 9/11 and the like; and quiet, personal times like getting married, the birth of a child and loss of someone close to us that shake and shape who we are and what we become. For many of us, music has been our catharsis through the thick and thin of life. The one thing that can raise our spirits or give us something to relate to. Something that makes us know that we are not the only ones experiencing what life throws our way. To us, music is heart-felt and soul mining.

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After Having Released Several Monstrous Albums Cattle Decapitation Is Back To Release Hell With ‘Death Atlas’!

Cattle Decapitation is back and greater than ever before! After having released 6 mind blowing and most of all brutal musical pieces they decided to add another one to their collection this year. ‘Death Atlas’ is set to release on the 29th of November and is looking really solid so far. With only 1 track ”One Day Closer To The End Of The World” they managed to gain their fans excited again for more Cattle Decapitation and I am one of those people!

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Chris Dudley On New UNDEROATH Music “Stuff I’m Writing Is Super Sad Bastard Emotional Or Really Odd Avant-Garde”

Chris Dudley is most known for being the keyboardist and sampler for Florida’s seminal genre bending outfit Underoath.  After the band went on a self imposed hiatus in 2013, Dudley ended up getting a job working for the government until the band reformed in 2015.  Since Underoath’s reformation they’ve put out 2018’s ‘Erase Me’ and have been touring in support of it since.  Chris has also kept busy scoring films and video games, one of which, Whelm, saw Chris handle the scoring duties entirely on his own. Continue reading



The original Static-X line-up from the 1999 platinum-selling debut full-length album, Wisconsin Death Trip – bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay – are putting the finishing touches on their seventh studio album, entitled ‘Project Regeneration’ which is set to release sometime in November. The album will feature 12 brand new Static-X tracks and contains several vocal performances and musical compositions by the late great Wayne Static who passed away on November 1, 2014. Along with the help of Static-X’s long-time producer Ulrich Wild, the band is in the process of completing the album now. Continue reading

Indian Death Metallers GODLESS To Decimate Europe This September!

Indian metal has been on the rise on the global platform for quite a while lately now. There are more number of Indian bands touring Europe than ever before. 2019 has been phenonmenal when it comes to Indian bands taking a leap overseas and showcasing their prowess to the wider audiences to much applause. GODLESS has been one of the most technical, cut throat and brutal bands that have made a huge mark in the Indian scene for the past couple of years now. They have been professional, powerful and also have been successful in cementing themselves as rising force in both Indian and global death metal scene.

If I still don’t sound convincing go ahead and check them out while they’re out on the road starting this September 7th, making sure their blend of nerve wracking death metal takes no prisoners. The boys from Hyderabad will be touring  seven countries, playing 18 shows over a stretch of 23 days on their aptly named tour, ‘Swarm Over Europe‘. Fellow German death metal band DIVIDE shall be supporting them in the entire European conquest. Check the dates down below.

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Acey Slade On New Murderdolls Music “I Would Love To. I Feel Like The Stories Incomplete” Recounts Joey Jordison Pissing On Iron Maidens Tour Bus

Acey Slade has certainly carved out  quite the career for himself playing in a wide variety of bands over his 20+ years in the music business as the guitarist or bassist for such bands as Dope, the horror themed supergroup Murderdolls, to jamming with legendary rock acts like Joan Jett and more recently playing alongside horror punk icons The Misfits on their MASSIVE reunion shows.  As such Acey has seen and done it all and has amazing stories to tell about his time on the road. Continue reading