Cairiss: Black Metal Forever Changed With the Release of “Fall”


Black Metal is usually a polarizing sub-genre of Metal. Very fast. High-pitched vocals; oftentimes dealing with oppressively dark and/or overtly Pagan/Satanic subject matter, barked out at an unintelligible rate. It is usually either loved or absolutely hated for one or all of the reasons above. Every now and then, however, a band rises above the genre and puts out a release so striking, it ruptures the box attempting to surround it. One such band is Southampton, UK’s, Cairiss.


This five piece, female fronted, PostMetal/Black Metal band is nothing short of earth shattering. Their recent release of the long awaited EP “Fall” contains three, very long songs “For the Lives He Stole”, “Disgraced” (released as a stand-alone demo in 2014) and “Fall” tell the epic story of tragedy, a loss of innocence and its final resolution. Lyrically, Cairiss took great care to be poetic, thoughtful and meaningful. Musically, they pull from Symphonic Metal, as well as some Doom and, of course, Black Metal. Beautiful in its composition and in execution. Clean, orchestral vocal and music sections between fast, heavily distorted and Black Metal vocals give the feeling of an intimate conversation within ones head; a pendulum swaying between hate, anger and deceit and introspection, hurt and “from Hell” sorrow. An absolutely brilliant and extremely moving use of musical and lyrical advance and retreat of brutal honesty and emotion. Not to deny the underlying connection between the two trains of consciousness, clean vocals are continued with symphonic keyboards, even during harsh parts of crushing guitar work and barked out vocals. Pure genius. So effective, in fact, it is hard not to find yourself lost in the music and unexpectedly in tears. Cairiss is an emotional powerhouse that is shockingly good.


As expected with such a poignant release, there are no weak points in Cairiss. Lyrics and vocals are powerfully handled by Freya Jane Brown. Her voice can be absolutely beautiful or horrifyingly brash. Simply unbelievable this woman’s range. Ethan Bishop handles guitars, bass and the production of the band. Like Brown, Bishop’s guitar skills run the same gambit: low, fast and oppressive to gorgeous and emotive. The Production of “Fall” is nothing short of spectacular and professional to the extreme. Drums for Cairiss are deftly handled by Connor Frapwell, keeping the ever-changing tempo in check and the band on course. Second on guitars and following Ethan’s lead is Martin Williams. Together, this band is powerful musically and lyrically through beautiful, symphonic harmonies and choral composition traded with Black Metal harshness. Cairiss is so good and unique that they should sit in their own Metal sub-genre. “Fall” is a must have CD of epic proportions. It is hard to imagine what will come next from this magnificent band. As a first effort, Cairiss could not have been set any higher.

Cairiss can be found at: Web  BandCamp  iTunes


Lyrics (published with explicit permission from Cairiss):


August began its slow descent

Into the arms of winter

Elongated shadows swept across rocks

As they danced in starlight

White hands yearned to stifle

The chimes of children’s cheer

That hung in the air

Like linen soaked in blood

Their pink palms blistered

Forced to grasp ragged ropes

Wrestling with lurching sails

Of anchored virgin vessels

But urgent hands clawed the hulls

And snatched them from the shore

Sand lacerated unmarred skin

That bled beneath waves

Laughter faltered in their mouths

And was torn from their throats

Until clouded milk-white eyes

Extinguished new-born stars

Upon each day that followed from August to July

Lines of crooked mourners bent double across the bay

Lifeless flowers bled through silver foam

Abandoned by listless hands bereft of faith

Their bones grew old and wretched

Black teeth crumbled into dust

Grey rags fluttered in silence

The last lament of forgotten love

He does not bleed

For the lives he stole

No one grieves

For the lives he stole


Awake at dusk

Suspended over barbed teeth

Tasteless tongues tear at the bay

Carving a grin

I try to scream

But my lungs cave in

Quivering lips

Form silent pleas

I am disgraced

You aren’t erased

Struck a line

Scrawled their name

It’s not the same

It’s not the same

(Repeat once)

Awake at dawn

Interlaced limbs

The smell of smoke

And summer’s air

Our lungs share the first breath and sigh

“Our love will never die”

Sleep unties these knots in my stomach

And returns the smoke and that summer

Our lungs share the first breath and sigh

“Our love will never die”


Sky fires flare

Abated by descending snow

Waves draw back in silence

Trees, they tie their tongues

Leaves breathe soundless songs

Blood hums broken tempos

Fleeting fears are starved of life

Marbled feet leave earth for air

Mirth is spun from threads of grief

When white ghosts drift from frail bones

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