Blood Has Been Shed Guitarist On Unreleased Album “There’s Around 10 Tracks On It”

Blood Has Been Shed may not be a household name in the metalcore genre, but that’s not due to a lack in pedigree, with half the band going on to join Killswitch Engage (singer Howard Jones and drummer Justin Foley).  BHBS are one of those bands who’s mark is still felt almost 15 years after their last album.  With punishing off timed riffs and intricate drumming and Howard’s unmistakable vocals, Blood Has Been Shed were poised to be one of the stand out bands in a scene rife with talent. 3 albums was all we ever got from these guys, but one listen through their discography will prove why the music stands up and is held in high regard amongst some of the staunchest metal elitists.

Corey joins co host Jon on the heels of the headline making chat with Light The Torch/Blood Has Been Shed singer Howard Jones, to talk more in depth about the legacy of BHBS, what’s going on with this unreleased album, what it sounds like.

We also talk about being ahead of the the curve with where metal was at the time of BHBS, his thoughts on the band abruptly ending and how close we’ve come to a reunion show and what Corey’s been up to since he stopped being in a band and MORE.

Listen to the full interview below:

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