Review: DEE SNIDER – ‘For the Love of Metal’ [Official Videos]

‘For the Love of Metal’ is the highly anticipated solo album from the legendary, Dee Snider. Releasing on July 27, 2018 on Napalm Records, This is his latest record after 2016’s ‘We Are the Ones’. Snider is most well known for being the vocalist for the iconic metal band, Twisted Sister and host and radio personality of the very popular show, The House of Hair. This new album is what we needed; gut busting, new music from one of the great voices in metal. The direction of the album is very forward and goes back to the classic sounds of 80’s metal. This whole album is filled with killer riffs and hard hitting deafening percussion. I was so excited to hear that he was coming out with some new material. My mind was overwhelmed when I first clicked play and it remained that way throughout the whole album. Continue reading

State Of The Art: Indiana’s GORGANTHERRON [Album Stream]

Photo Credit: JJ Koczan @ The Obelisk

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state.*

This month’s state is Indiana!


Hailing from Evansville, Indiana, Gorgantherron is a trio of mass destruction. They take you back to the early days of metal with a modern twist and with the modern studio techniques. Consisting of Clint Logan riffing on guitar and vocal duties, Toby Richardson slapping the bass, and Chris Flint hitting the skins, Gorgantherron has unleashed two releases, their full length album, ‘Second Sun’ in 2015 and a 6 song EP in 2012. The band creates music that would fit best within the stoner and doom genres but, they should appeal to any audience that loves a good riff and heavy vocals. Opening for the bands; BloodTribe, Seize The Empire, The Alphaincident, Blizaro, King Snake, and performing at the inaugural Doomed & Stoned Fest in their home state of Indiana in 2016 they have captivated audiences for the last 3 years. Continue reading

Review: UFFE LORENZEN – ‘Galmandsvaerk’ [Album Stream]

Galmandsvaerk’ is the senior solo effort from UFFE LORENZEN. Released on November 10, 2017 on Bad Afro Records. He has released 3 other solo albums before ‘Galmandsvaerk’ and its the first time that Lorenzen has used his own name on a release. He’s widely known as Lorenzo Woodrose of the bands, Baby Woodrose (since 2001) and Spids Nogenhat (since 1998). While his band, Baby Woodrose lends more towards garage rock of the 90’s and 00’s and Spids Nogenhat is more of the rock of the late 60’s and 70’s. This album sits comfortably in the middle of these two. The direction of the music on ‘Galmandsvaerk’, it has a singer songwriter element to it but there’s some twists. Along with that element, Lorenzen adds the sounds of acid rock of the 60’s with traditional culture instruments and an orchestra. A huge surprise was the consist use of a flute.

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