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Two dudes, Dan and Jon, who are passionate about all kinds of music, although we mainly cover metal/metalcore bands on the show. We both LOVE vinyl, and podcasts in general.

Danny Worsnop On Entitled Fans “You’re Not Important”, Working On New Asking Alexandria Material

Danny Worsnop is most known for being the frontman and vocalist for English rock band Asking Alexandria, but has endured a decade plus long career that has seen the singer front We Are Harlot after he left Asking Alexandria in early 2015. Worsnop never one to be pigeonholed has released two solo albums, with 2017’s ‘The Long Road Home’ showcasing Danny’s love of country and folk music, which surprised a lot of his long time fans.  His latest solo output, 2019’s ‘Shades of Blue’ lean a little less country, but still showcases Worsnop’s great vocals and penchant for writing catchy music, regardless of genre. Continue reading

THE PLOT IN YOU Singer “I’d Rather People Get To Know Me Through My Art Than My Shitty Facebook Posts”.

Ohio’s The Plot In You have quietly become a band causing quite the stir in the scene since coming out from the ashes of Before Their Eyes in 2011.  Multi instrumentalist/vocalist Landon Tewers has steered the 4 piece through 4 full lengths with their most recent, 2018’s Dispose, seeing the band drop the traditional metalcore sound and go more in a heavier alt rock direction. This was also the first album Tewers did not produce himself. Continue reading

NORMA JEAN Frontman Reflects On Bands Career “Bands Expecting Their Fans To Like Everything They Do Is Ridiculous”

Georgia’s own Norma Jean have had a storied career that has seen the band continue to cement its legacy as one of the most important bands in metal core despite having no original members.  Norma Jean has consistently appeased fans with seminal albums as ‘Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child’ and ‘O’ God The Aftermath’ respectively, while still showing fans that they are still in their creative prime with their most recent outing, 2016’s adventurous ‘Polar Similar’. Continue reading

Spencer Sotelo On New PERIPHERY Music “I Wanna Go Darker And Weirder.”

Periphery have quickly cemented their legacy in the progressive metal scene, some would say pioneers in the “Djent” movement, since their formation in 2005. Periphery consist of vocalist Spencer Sotelo, guitarists Jake Bowen, Misha Mansoor and Mark Holcomb and drummer Matt Halpern with bassist Adam Getgood contributing on studio albums and production duties. Since their formation Periphery has turned the heavy music world on its head with their landmark albums, with their most recent offering 2019’s ‘P4: Hail Stan’ debuting in the top 100 on the Billboard charts. Continue reading