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Greetings and salutations. Call me Fist, I'm a proud Kentuckian and I've used metal to help me get through the suffering of living in the bible belt. I am an encyclopedia of metal. I'm a fan of all types of metal. My main goal here is to help people find more music they will fall in love with. Hope you enjoy our words! \m/

EXHORDER Release “Hallowed Sound” From Upcoming Album! [Lyric Video]


Exhorder’s enduring legacy began in the mid-80’s when they defined the sound of Louisiana thrash and groove metal. Their initial formation was short lived, lasting nearly a decade with two critically acclaimed, classic albums, but their impact on the metal genre can be felt through a generation of bands that followed. Exhorder dissolved in the mid-90’s but briefly reunited in 2011. Now, the band has returned to reclaim their throne of NOLA metal with their awaited new album and an all-star line-up that includes Kyle Thomas (founding vocalist; Trouble, Heavy As Texas), Vinnie La Bella (founding guitarist), Marzi Montazeri (guitarist; ex-Superjoint Ritual, ex-Phil Anselmo & The Illegals, Heavy As Texas), Jason VieBrooks (bassist since 2011; Heathen, Grip Inc.) and Sasha Horn (drummer; Forbidden). Continue reading

Bourbon & Beyond Festival Spotlight: +LIVE+ [Official Videos]

Photo: Janson Bulpin

+LIVE+ will be one of the upcoming acts at this year’s Bourbon and Beyond. The festival now has a new home. It is still in Louisville, Kentucky of course, but will call a new festival grounds home. This year, Bourbon and Beyond will take place at the Highland Festival Grounds at the Kentucky Expo on September 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The previous location, Champions Park, had a terrible flood last year and day 2 of Bourbon and Beyond as well as Louder Than Life the following weekend was cancelled. However, to make up for that, Bourbon and Beyond is now a 3-day festival. This means an additional day of bands, bourbon and best friends! How awesome is that? This will be +LIVE+’s debut at the Bourbon and Beyond Festival. If you have never had the opportunity to check this band out, prepare yourself to be amazed! With that said, let’s discuss +LIVE+. Continue reading

TOOTHGRINDER Release “I Am” Video; Write Passionate Testimony About Addiction!

New Jersey’s Toothgrinder have announced their third album ‘I Am.’ The album, produced by Matt Squire (Ariana Grande, Panic! At the Disco, Underoath), drops October 11 via Spinefarm Records. It’s available for pre-order HERE. Continue reading

How To Hire Professional Essay Writer

How To Hire Professional Essay Writer

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Louder Than Life Festival Spotlight: FIRE FROM THE GODS [Official Videos]

Welcome back to our ongoing series of LOUDER THAN LIFE 2019 artist profiles, our weekly guide through the lineup of acts who’ll take the stage at Louisville, Kentucky’s Highland Festival Grounds at Kentucky Expo Center September 27-29 in what’s sure to be one of the biggest concert events of the year. This week, we’re taking a closer look at the Austin, Texas based melodic nu metal rockers Fire From The Gods.

Fire From The Gods formed in Austin, TX in 2010 and has really sprung onto the scene in the last year or so. Their album ‘Narrative’ had bangers like “Excuse Me” and “End Transmission” with AJ Channer controlling the flow of the songs with his blend of rap, reggae, and rock vocals to keep you on your toes. Fire From The Gods is likely one of the most energetic and complex bands slated to perform at this years Louder Than Life festival. AJ Channer is actually the band’s second vocalist after he replaced Eric July who is now doing a project called Backwordz. Fire From The Gods has already played several major festivals like Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, Welcome to Rockville and they blessed the stage at the 2017 Louder Than Life as well. They only continue grew in popularity by playing on the Vans Warped Tour a few summers ago. This isn’t just your typical, generic rap or nu metal band. These guys have a message to go with their music that has been needed for a long time. Continue reading

EXIT 111 Festival Releases Daily Set Times!


Exit 111 has been one of the most anticipated festivals of the summer and fall in its inaugural year. Taking place on the farm that Bonnaroo has made iconic right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. The lineup is diverse but appeals to more of a rock and metal crowd than Bonnaroo. You have legendary bands with decades of experience like Guns N’ Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ TopCheap Trick and Def Leppard. Then you also have bands that have made a name for themselves and would be a headliner on most any tour lineup like Coheed and Cambria, Mastodon, Ghost, and Deftones. Then you have my favorite bands to see; the up and coming bands that I personally think you shouldn’t miss. These bands have something to prove and they will go all out to impress the massive crowds at festivals. Those bands include Tetrarch, Dirty Honey, Alien Weaponry, Them Evils, Power Trip and Kyle Shutt (of The Sword) showcasing his solo act. I don’t think I need to explain how important it is that you also get a chance to see Slayer one last time, and this will be their final performance in the Volunteer State, so don’t miss them. Continue reading

Tom Delonge’s ANGELS & AIRWAVES Release “Rebel Girl” Video; Announce Tour!

A rising hit at alternative radio, “Rebel Girl” is the band’s first new track in three years and blanketing airwaves nationwide, including KROQ in Los Angeles, WKQX in Chicago, WRFF in Philadelphia, WWDC in Washington, KDKB in Phoenix, 91X in San Diego and many more. The band has now released a video for the track that was directed by Matt Thompson. Continue reading

Bourbon & Beyond Festival 2019 Ticket Giveaway! [Entry Details]


The World’s Largest Bourbon Festival, Bourbon & Beyond, makes its anticipated return to Louisville, KY Friday, September 20, Saturday, September 21, and Sunday, September 22, expanding to three days full of incredible music, unique culinary events, and unmatched experiences from the region’s best distilleries at the new Highland Festival Grounds At KY Expo Center. Continue reading

Rock & Roll Totally Isn’t Dead!

You see, people are always quick to jump and tell us that rock is dead. Well, there are numerous reasons why that isn’t true, and in today’s article, we are going to discuss some of those reasons. It’s true that the popularity of rock isn’t as immense as it used to be, but there’s still plenty of good music around, and if you work hard enough, you can find it. Without dragging this on for too long, let’s dive into this article right away, and hopefully, you’ll find something interesting, or learn something new.

When we say that rock isn’t dead, we mean it and it is an honest statement. As we’ve previously mentioned in the intro, while rock’s popularity isn’t what it used to be, there are still plenty of good bands around. The reason why it’s so hard to find them? Well, the mainstream media doesn’t push them unless they have a specific sound that works for the masses, and under certain conditions too. Basically, if you’re willing to be a ‘puppet’ and change your unique style of music just because something else sells better, then you can get in on the industry. And that’s also when rock bands stop being rock and switch to something else, meaning that their original and unique style is dying. And the other reason why good groups are so hard to find is that the number of music-posting mediums is at an all-time high. You see, just ten years ago you had only a few of them — Tv, Youtube, and of course, the legendary Myspace. With Myspace dying out, and Youtube gaining popularity, everything changed. That’s also when numerous other social networks also came into play. Some of those are Facebook, Soundcloud, Vkontakte, and many others that even we don’t know about. All in all, really funny chaos was created, and it has its good and bad sides too, which we will also discuss.

Let’s discuss a dull lousy side first since it’s the only thing on the menu as far as the bad stuff goes. You can get lost! Simple as that. And as far as the good things go, you have now more than ever, massive opportunities to enrichen your musical library. And, if you’re willing to dig deep enough, we guarantee that you’ll find some precious gems in the underground music world. Of course, you can do that, or you can waste time and browse something like gay porn games. And we’re not talking about preferences here. We’re merely stating that engulfing yourself in music is a much better choice than the unhealthy habit of consuming pornography can be even though both of those things can have their good sides if you have good self-control. So, yeah, all in all, browse freely and safely, and you’ll find your way. Eventually, maybe you’re even going to thank us for everything when your music library is all massive and set up on some excellent rock gigs and parties!

Healing Power of Music: How Music Therapy Helps Those With Parkinson’s Build Strength

Healing Power of Music: How Music Therapy Helps Those With Parkinson’s Build Strength

Parkinson’s Disease is one of the most challenging diseases. This is because it is a progressive disorder that worsens the symptoms as time passes by.

The disease itself is simple. Based on studies, the disorder revolves around the nerve cells or neurons that produce the chemical brain messenger or the dopamine. As it appears, the disease causes these neurons to break down and gradually die. And the lack of dopamine in the brain causes for the symptoms to arise.

Apparently, the symptoms of Parkinson’s are mainly the music reason why this has become a very challenging disease. This is because the symptoms include tremors in limbs, slurred speech, rigid muscles, loss of balance, and worse, difficulties in controlling movements and actions. Continue reading