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ENTERPRISE EARTH Release “The Failsafe Fallacy” Music Video!


Enterprise Earth was founded in 2014 by ex-Infant Annihilator vocalist Dan Watson and ex-Takeover guitarist BJ Sampson. Taking their name from a confluence of Illuminati and other conspiracy theories, the band released their a debut EP titled ‘XXIII’ and a full length, ‘Patient Ø,’ in 2015. ‘Patient Ø’ featured Oceano vocalist Adam Warren and debuted at number five on Billboard’s Heatseekers/Top New Artist Chart. Last year the band released ‘Embodiment,’ their second LP and have since shared the stage with Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, and Winds of Plague with a highlighted appearance on the 2016 Summer Slaughter Tour. Enterprise Earth have now released their third LP titled ‘Luciferous’ Friday and to celebrate, they’re unleashing the music video for “The Failsafe Fallacy.” Once again directed by The Beast, this is the third music video from the band off their new album. Continue reading

ANDY BLACK (Black Veil Brides) Still Launching Solo Tour Despite Emergency Appendectomy


Talk about the show must go on: despite suffering a ruptured appendix that required emergency surgery last Friday, singer-songwriter ANDY BLACK (aka Andy Biersack vocalist of Black Veil Brides) is moving forward with his Ghost of North America Tour, which kicks off April 7th at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA. Continue reading

Freelance Online Jobs For College Students

In their search of earnings, students use different ways: they work as waiters in cafes, couriers, car washes or taxi drivers. Some of them use night for a part-time job trying to free up the day time for study. But these paths do not always bring the desired result. And, as a result, earnings do not exceed 500 dollars per month. It is obvious that it is not enough for the modern standard of living.

Here are the reasons for the students’ low earnings level:

    • Learning process load. Considering the ambitiousness of modern students, it is clear that one wants to be the best everywhere: in studies (authority among teachers and fellow students are of great importance for academic achievement), electives attendance and student self-government participation.
    • Lack of experience. It is an absurd situation when they do not want to take you without work experience, and it is impossible to get the experience of staying unemployed.
    • Mad thirst for entertainment. Student years are unique! Clubs, discos, friends, dates … Youth! Need to enjoy life! It’s hard to argue with that.

It is right to say that part-time jobs for college students are already a certain form of employment, which, on the one hand, is good for its relative stability, and on the other hand, it takes more time and requires more responsibility. Permanent work for a full-time student, of course, is less suitable than for a part-time student. Although many companies, especially in the field of advertising and IT are ready to hire students for remote work. They do not care when you work, even at night. The only condition – the work should be done in time. This is a new approach to the staff.

Freelance for students. Where to start and what to expect?

Freelance is becoming an increasingly popular source of income. Its obvious advantages are the absence of the need to go to the office or the factory every day and the ability to fully plan your own schedule. Imagination easily draws us success. But is everything so rosy as it seems at first glance? Of course not! Let’s try to figure it out.

First, who can become a freelancer? The answer is – anyone! Having enough desire and motivation, you are able to do any task. The main thing is to get up and go for it.

Where to look for a job online?

Where to look for this famous freelance job? There are many freelance sites like today. You need to search for those sites where you will get the best job and register there. Be sure to pay attention to such resources as:



–    А





We must say that jobs online for college students are a great finding! You can easily earn money from home if you make the appropriate efforts.

We selected the following online jobs for college students to start with on freelance exchanges:

    1. Writing:

–    Article Rewriters;

–    Article Writers;

–    Blog Writers;

–    Content Writers;

–    Copywriters;

–    Screenwriters;

–    SEO Writers;

–    Proofreaders;

–    Typists.

    1. Virtual assistance:

–    Administrative Assistants;

–    Customer Service Representatives;

–    Data Entry Specialists;

–    Email Handlers;

–    Google Docs Experts;

–    Google Sheets Experts;

–    Google Slides Experts;

–    Personal Assistants;

–    PowerPoint Experts;

–    Project Managers;

–    Research Assistants;

–    Social Media Managers;

–    Virtual Assistants.

    1. Customer service:

–    Appointment Setter;

–    Call Handlers;

–    Chat Support Agents;

–    Communications Specialists;

–    Customer Retention Specialists;

–    Customer Service Managers;

–    Customer Service Representatives;

–    Customer Support Representatives;

–    Live Chat Operators;

–    Phone Support Agents;

–    Sales Representatives;

–    Social Customer Service Representatives;

–    Telemarketers;

    1. Marketing:

–    Adwords Experts;

–    Digital Marketers;

–    Email Marketing Consultants;

–    Facebook Marketers;

–    Full Stack Marketers;

–    Instagram Marketers;

–    Internet Marketing Consultants;

–    Keyword Research;

–    SEO Managers;

–    Social Media Consultants;

–    Telemarketers;

–    Twitter Marketers;

–    YouTube Marketers.

What it is worth knowing for the freelancer fresher:

    • In the beginning, it’ll be difficult to get a job. There are many people registered on freelance exchanges except you who want to work and have already established themselves as excellent performers. Nevertheless, patience and work, friends! First, patience, and then there will be work;
    • Reputation is a very important moment! Fail the first order – and you will not get the second one. So, take work responsibly, and clients will pay attention to you;
    • Do not look for the golden mountains at once. Even if you are a cool specialist, no one will give you a big order immediately. You will have to start with small and, accordingly, cheap orders. But as you fill the portfolio, you can raise the stakes;
    • Self-improve. Competition is a great motivation for development. And in the field of freelancing competition is huge. It is necessary to remind yourself that the world owes us nothing, and we cost exactly as much as we can give it in return;

An important point: it is better if the corresponds to your college specialty so that in the future you can continue working in a familiar environment and not waste time searching for a new job. For example, if you start working as a tester in an IT company and recommend yourself well, then when you get a diploma, you can apply for the developer position.

Easy jobs for college students online are a great way to make money in conditions where it’s impossible to get a full-time job. Plus, working in the specialty, you will grow professionally. You have to work hard to make this activity bring you the desired income. Life is arranged in such a way that, in order to achieve instant success and outstanding results, it is necessary to systematically make efforts over time.

Epicenter Festival Spotlight: FEVER 333 [Official Videos]


Fever 333 is one of the most anticipated live bands of the summer. Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler formerly of Letlive is well known as a showman on stage. Having previously saw him perform with his previous band at the inaugural Chicago Open Air fans saw him not only sing with complete perfection but also climb to the top of the scaffolding on the stage approximately 400 feet up in the sky. Everyone eye in the crowd was watching Butler as he ascended to the top still screaming out vocals to the top of his longs. That is just one aspect of what you should expect when seeing him live and in the flesh. Of course he isn’t the only accomplished musician that makes up this stellar group. Following Butler’s Letlive break up, he teamed up with former The Chariot guitarist Stephen Harrison and Night Verses drummer Aric Improta to create Fever 333 in July 2017. The singer also announced in the last few days the formation of his new hardcore band Pressure CracksFever 333 trio quickly signed to Road Runner Records and released their 7 track EP ‘Made An America’. The band has said their focus is on “community, charity, and change” and Butler adds: “The movement is much greater than the music. The art is only a contingent piece. We want to make sure we’re just as involved in the activism and actual activation. By no means do we expect other artists to take on this task. “Most of the people who made big improvements were either assassinated or just called crazy. We make it ostensibly clear that everything we do is in an active effort for change. It’s about bringing back that socio-political mindfulness. We’re trying to write the soundtrack to the revolution that we know is about to happen.”  Continue reading

The Bucketlist With IRON AGE MYSTICS!

*In this series we pose the age old questions to a wide array of music lovers. As fans of music most of us keep a mental list of active bands we want to see live that we haven’t yet seen. The Bucketlist brings to you those lists of your favorite artists and why those bands mean so much to them*

Iron Age Mystics was formed in 2010, but their members are music veterans who have the battle scars to prove it. The politically charged rock band from Toronto is turning heads with their new music. Formed of not only veteran musicians but also extremely talented individuals. Those individuals quickly became one, and what they have produces is a musical blend of dissonant yet melody driven rock beneath passionately intelligent lyrics. Their sound has a cornucopia of styles. Within their songs you will hear influence from rock, punk, grunge, metal, and funk. It’s not often a band can meld all these styles into one band and create a cohesive album. However, Iron Age Mystics has done just that. Their new self released album ‘Pride Before The Fall.’ The band is currently not signed to a label, but we are certain labels will be beating on their doors soon enough. Continue reading

Exclusive: POETIC DECENT Release “Pariah” Official Video Featuring Joel Holycross!


Poetic Descent is an Alt Metal band founded in 2018 in Dayton, Ohio featuring former members of Mayfly. Poetic Decent is the duo of Jared Lacey (vocals, guitar, bass) and Adam Thompson (drums). The pair entered Darkroom Recording Studio (Piqua, OH) to record six songs with Justin Moore shortly after Mayfly announced its end in March of 2017. Their music blends a lot of different elements that allows them to truly stand out. Poetic Descent isn’t your run of the mill Alternative metal band. Adam Thompson’s drumming often shows flashes of punk, thrash, rock, and hardcore influences. The same really goes for Jared Lacey’s vocal approach in the band as well. While he has a more melodic singing voice at times he can instantly belt out some harsh screams that immediately garners your attention.

Lyrically, his songs touch on topics such as the existence of God, addiction, his mother’s death, domestic abuse, martyrdom and homosexuality. These songs were released as singles online on all major streaming and download sites starting in March of 2018 with the final song being released in June of 2018. Since then, their debut single, “Close Encounter,” has had much success on the radio. In November of 2018, the duo re-entered the studio with Jake Bryant (former guitarist for Dangerkids) and Shaun O’Shaughnessy (Encore Recording Studios in Dayton, OH) to record a new single titled “Pariah” which the the band recently released the audio for. Today the band is releasing an accompanying video to go with the track which also includes guest vocals from Joel Holycross who was also previously a member of Mayfly with Jared and Adam. The video was directed by Jake Wisecup of Wiseup Entertainment.


Continue reading

How We Can Decorate More With The Ring Lights!

How we can decorate more with the ring lights

Basically lighting is more valuable than nearly any other piece of equipment and versatile lighting made for video professionals can be heavy and expensive. Ring lights will helps a great deal in giving a uniform light projects an even lighting right from the center viewing of the camera which is in turn helps in terminating the unwanted shadows hence. One of the hottest new trends in wedding rings for men is black titanium. Continue reading

PAPA ROACH Announce UK Headline Tour With NOTHING MORE!


After the release of their new album ‘Who Do You Trust?’ on January 18, 2019 Papa Roach is preparing to bring their hard rocking sound to the UK. The band stated “We are really excited to go deep in the UK and double the number of cities we played last year,” and continued “We have the opportunity to visit places we’ve wanted to go to for a while like Edinburgh and Aberdeen as well as Exeter and Southampton and it will be more convenient for fans to travel to us this time. Reading & Leeds Festivals were off the chain and now we get to play for longer. The Monday – Thursday shows will finish at 10:30 pm to make sure our fans can catch their ride home.” Of course Papa Roach aren’t embarking on this tour along and will bring their headline worthy friends Nothing More. We were recently able to catch Papa Roach on tour in the U.S. along with Shinedown and Asking Alexandria, and if that show is any indication the UK is in store for a hard hitting show and as always you can expect vocalist Jacoby to make his way down into the crowd. You can read the entire review of that U.S. show here. Continue reading

REO SPEEDWAGON & SISTER HAZEL Coming To Pikeville, KY On North American Tour!


It’s not often that rock bands with a legacy as impressive as REO Speedwagon grace a stage rural Pikeville, Kentucky. But this coming June 5th they will be performing at the Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center (tickets available here), which is just one of the tour dates on the bands upcoming tour with special guests Sister Hazel. Continue reading

Epicenter Festival Spotlight: COUNTERFEIT. [Official Video]

*This is part of the Epicenter Festival Spotlight segment where we help you get to know some of the non-headlining bands performing at the festival. This week we introduce you to Counterfeit!*

The next Epicenter Festival band you need to get familiar with is Counterfeit who is no stranger to North Carolina festival fans. The band played the final year of Carolina Rebellion last year, and if you missed their set you can forgive yourself by seeing them this coming May. Counterfeit are English punk rockers from London, England. They were formed by and still maintain their original lineup of lead vocalist and guitarist Jamie Campbell Bower, his brother guitarist Sam Bower, guitarist Tristan Marmont, bassist Roland Johnson and drummer James Craig. Continue reading