American Safari Tour: Rest, Repose, Drewsif Stalin, & More [Review & Photo Gallery]

Rest, Repose

Fayetteville, North Carolina is mostly known as the home of Fort Bragg and its historic sites around the city, and, for music lovers, the scene is only continuing to grow with time; hosting genres from the likes of bluegrass to indie, and from metal to country, there’s something for everyone who lives here to enjoy. At the end of June, the American Safari Tour presented by Distrokid swung into town at the Drunk Horse Pub and brought out all of the hyper energy and excitement that Fayetteville had to offer. The bands on the tour were Seattle, Washington’s Drewsif Stalin, The Home Team, and Rest, Repose.

Seeking Solace

Starting off the night were a local band from Raleigh, NC called Seeking Solace, a band formed in the summer of 2017. Their high energy, aggressive style of metalcore blended well with the youth that is held within the group, as it was a hectic, high octane performance that will definitely help them burst on to the music scene as they move through their careers. The second act of the night was hometown hardcore act, Cult Territory. With pummeling riffs and an aggressive stage presence, they’re not afraid of being newcomers. Overall, the first two bands were received relatively well by the crowd, moshing and dancing along as they played through their sets.

The Home Team

Rolling on through the night, The Home Team came on stage and showed North Carolina how Seattle, Washington does pop-punk. With a fun-filled stage presence, with loud, bright music these guys showed why pop-punk music isn’t dead. The Seattle quintet are well on their way to establishing a name for themselves in their genre, with a growing discography and rapid fire live show, it’s not hard to see why the next generation of pop-punk is in good hands.

Drewsif Stalin

Leading into the co-headliner, Drewsif Stalin slew the North Carolina with punchy, djenty riffs and an in your face style of Metal that got the crowd moving and off its feet quickly. Drewsif is no short of inane riffage. Packing a punch with their playing that not a lot of other artists have, it separates them from all the artists on the bill AND in general, with a progressive sound that is a wonder to see live, crowds across the country on this tour are sure to be pleased with the intensity of Drewsif’s music.

Rest, Repose

Ending the night in style, Rest, Repose show that after being a band for about a year and a half, they already have what it takes to take off in the rock genre. The band parted ways with their vocalist Tanner Cowen previously in the tour, and singing duties were covered by member Tony Cappocchi, who had previously been one of the guitarists. Packing a lot of people into this small venue was icing on the cake for this set, with people pressed up against the stage and both sides of the venue, Rest, Repose brought the house down with a energetic set that brought all of Fayetteville’s voices out at maximum volume. The show had its roof blown off with all the energy that was brought from all the performances and the crowd. If you’d like to catch the American Safari Tour, check out the remaining dates near you now through July 20th!

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