Album Review: KUBLAI KHAN – ‘Nomad’ [Album Stream]

After creating the EP ‘Youth War’ and the albums ‘Balancing Survival & Happiness’, ‘New Strength’ Kublai Khan got around the table to let us know why they are the best at what they are doing. First teasing us with the tracks ”Belligerent” & ”The Hammer” Kublai Khan and finally releasing their full album ‘Nomad’ today via RiseRecords! The official album stream is linked at the end of this article, take a deep breath and dive right in!

As expected you can’t write an article about Kublai Khan without mentioning how great the intro song is. It is called ”Antpile” and it grabs you around your throat like a wild animal and begs you to headbang till you can’t feel your neck. The album couldn’t have kicked off stronger. The fact that the only lyrics are ”Shit. Son of a bitch.” shows you that this right here is Kublai Khan doing its thing!

”The Hammer” is Kublai Khan at its finest, it is violent, dark and most of all pretty brutal. If the shouting of the word ”bitch” doesn’t make you either start a pit in your living room or make you want to crowdkill every living thing nearly then I don’t know what you are doing. It has been out since the 28th of July and it is marked as the first song to be released prior to the whole album.

”My captor from birth through death and forever I won’t let you walk away yet I take your steps as a fucking threat.”

Next on the list is the song ”8 Years”. My reason for deciding to talk about this one is because of the bone chilling lyrics. Besides the guitar, drum and bass riff being bad ass the lyrics is one of the keypoints of what makes this song one of the better ones. No reason to waste anymore time, see for yourself!

”Wearing a fake face for other people’s sake.” ”You never left me.”  ”Your spirit dwells within me.” ”While apathy rots in his seat.” ”Don’t you fucking look at me.”

Last but not least we have the song ”B.C.” which touches on religion but not in a mild way at all. Next to the lyrics of ”8 Years” this must be the second hard hitting track of them all. Luckily for us Kublai Khan decided to give it a music video to portray even more on the subject!

”Man made god to make sense of this world.”

”Nature’s proves we all lose.”

”There is no control.”

All in all I think most of us can agree on ‘Nomad’ being one of the best if not the best Kublai Khan has ever put out. It touches on a wide amount of different subjects like we haven’t seen before while the core of their sound remains. They pushed hard to make a deveined sound and with the latest release I can safely say that they have accomplished exactly that.

The entire album is available for streaming online but I highly encourage you to give it a place in your collection!

Get ‘Nomad’ here: physical/digital.

Kublai Khan members:

Nolan Ashley – guitar/vocals
Matt Honeycutt – vocals
Isaac Lamb – drums
Eric English – bass

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