Album Review: ENTRAILS ‘World Inferno’ [Offical Videos]

Entrails are a Swedish death metal band that was formed in 1991. With dreams to follow in the scene around Stockholm they were unsuccessful in recording any satisfactory sessions and in 1994, half the band decided to move onto other things. Jimmy Lundqvist (Guitar) kept writing until 1998 when even he decided to hang it up. Fast forward to 2008, when Entrails was resurrected. Lundqvist dug up some old recordings and decided they needed to be released through modern technology. And with that,  the first ever Entrails demos were finally recorded, ‘Reborn’ and ‘Human Decay’. Jocke Svensson took the helm at vocals in 2009. Following those two demos, they were signed to German label FDA Rekotz. Then Entrails released their debut album ‘Tales From The Morgue’ in 2010. The album featured tracks from both previous demos. Shortly after this release, the band welcomed Adde Mitroulis as their drummer at the time. Their follow up effort was in 2011 with ‘The Tomb Awaits’, which featured the rest of the songs from the demos along with a few older tracks and some new material. That winter they started working on a new deal with several record labels and ended with signing to Metal Blade Records in 2012. They started work in the fall of 2012 on their Metal Blade debut and released ‘Raging Death’ in 2013. This release also marks the departure of  Mathias Nilsson with Pontus Samuelsson replacing him on guitar. A new song was written and released on 7″, in early 2014, called ‘Berzerk‘. The B-side was a cover of Swedish heavy metal legends Heavy Load. Also in 2014, they released their old demos under  ‘Resurrected From The Grave-Demo Collection‘. 2015 saw the release of their 2nd full length under Metal Blade in ‘Obliteration’. After a few shows in 2015, Jocke Svensson (Vocals) and Adde Mitroulis (Drums) both parted ways with the band, on good terms, and were replaced by Tommy Carlsson (Bass/Vocals) and Martin Michaelsson (Drums). In 2016, they began work on their most recent effort ‘World Inferno’ and will be released June 16th, 2017 via Metal Blade Records.They have released the tracks “Soul Collector” and “Serial Murder (Death Squad)” prior to release with accompanying videos. “Soul Collector” has a very groove type feel to it with the crunchiness of the bass/guitars and those kicks from the drums that all culminate in a hell of an introduction to the guys from Entrails. The galloping riffs draw you in and the growls from Tommy help carry this track to high ground. It’s definitely one of the standout tracks and shows why it was one of the first songs they wanted us to hear from this album, which ties into their string of good ideas with this album. The good ideas continue with the opening/title track to the album “World Inferno”. It opens with the sounds of fire crackling and the screams of the remaining few being succumbed by the flames cast upon the world. The song bursts into a blistering speed of relentless drumming and very fierce playing by the men on guitar and bass. This song has a speed and feel unlike the rest of the album which goes back to what I was saying about good ideas on this album and promotion. Whether it was seeing “Soul Collector” on YouTube first or being met with this track upon starting the album, the members of Entrails sure know how to make an introduction. Another standout was “The Hour of the Casket” with the dark eerie tones displayed in this slower, but obviously still heavy start. The gritty riffs are all on display and  the direction of the tone switch during chorus is a welcomed addition to the song. The bleak mood is effectively cast through out the track with those guttural sounds coming from Tommy alongside the band ripping away during the four minutes. “Insane Slaughter” opens with chains rattling in the distance bursting into an all out assault on your ear drums. The gripping pace keeps up all the entire time with a solo sneaking in there and making its presence known. There is a moment in the chorus that he stretches the word “Slaughter” and you really fell the ferocity he has to display.

The album kicks off great and keeps the momentum up until the end. Relentlessly, the band pounds away with traditional death metal riffs with little harmonies sprinkled with some melodic touches occasionally. The hatred and rage are on full display with the wonderfully strangulated vocals. The drums and guitars are raw and powerful to satisfy fans of the genre. A very solid Swedish death metal album that people should definitely check out. The album is out June 16th via Metal Blade Records.

Entrails is:
Jimmy Lundqvist – guitars
Tommy Carlsson – vocals/bass
Pontus Samuelsson – guitars
Martin Michaelsson- drums

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