After The Departure is an upcoming metalcore band from Leeds. England. They are currently unsigned but they will be signed before you can say the word breakdown. Talking about breakdowns this band has one of the most interesting and refreshing one’s in their music. If this isn’t a reason to check these guys out then knowing that they have released a new song ”Clarity” and that they will release their Self titled album today on the 17th of June. You can’t pass their debut EP ‘My Waking Hour’¬†though because it will launch you into something exciting and show you the roots of the band. Vocalist Phil Dearman with screamer Greg Forbes along side of guitarist and vocalist Jordan Saggu, guitarist Tom Wiseman, bassist Josh Godfrey and drummer Ben Hewitt will show you that they are coming to take over the stage so be aware!

There is no single chance in hell that the song ”Clarity” won’t be talked about so let’s go. It got released on the 27th of May via their own youtube channel that is named after the band, After The Departure. The decision to make this song into a music video was the best thing they could have done. This song literally deserves an own music video! The intro will totally rethink everything bad you thought about the band, it has a never heard of tone and the diversity is insane. You could easily divide the song into little parts and it would still sound awesome. It has something for every metalcore fan! Check it out HERE.

”The North” might be the heaviest song on the album. The combination of unclean and raw screaming like vocals is unbelievable. The guitar work is head banging hard and the drum is the assistence this song needs. All these elements got put together beautifully into the song we know as ”The North”. The lyrics are not just there to just fill in the space, they are actually a must need for this song and make the song as good as it is now. This song is the best reason for you to just stop whatever you are doing and buy the EP!

The last song on this album offers something different then the other songs, it starts out and continues to push the bounderies with melody! The song we are talking about goes by the name ”Fairytale Of A Digital Age”. This song has the most soul touching lyrics with an incredible meaning to it. After you bought the album just listen to the lyrics real close and I’m sure you will agree!

After The Departure at The Venue Selby!

After The Departure has every feature of a good and succesful metalcore band. The guitar and drum work are catchy while the transition between the clean vocals and the more brutal raw ones are out of this world. And this is just their second EP they put out, just imagine what they will come with next time! Their debut EP ‘My Waking Hour’ made a huge statement of what the band is capable of but with their Self Titled EP they stepped up their game big time. Everyone that is a slight bit into metalcore needs to check this band out!

Their EP will be available on all the usual platforms, for more information check out their pagebook page which is linked below! The music video for ”Clarity” has been made possible with the help of Light Engine Films so a huge shout out to them, their page is linked down below also!


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