After 18 Month Breakup LIONHEART Is Back With A New Album & Video! [Official Video]


They just couldn’t stay away. Just 18 months after calling it quits, California hardcore veterans Lionheart are back with their brand new album ‘Welcome To The West Coast II’. Formed in 2004 in Oakland the beatdown hardcore band couldn’t lay the lion to rest. Hardcore bands strive to get the sound that Lionheart has been unleashing for over a decade, and the band just premiered a music video for the single “Cursed” which gives an exclusive look into their world, and why they decided get back to business. “We fucked up,” vocalist Rob Watson told Alternative Press. “Everybody missed it immediately. That’s life. That’s how it goes; people make bad decisions all the time. We should never have broken up. We should have just taken a break.” ‘Welcome To The West Coast II’ is available now via Fast Break Records.



If there is any up and coming hardcore bands reading this, when watching this video…take notes. Lionheart does exactly everything a hardcore fan wants to hear. Rapid aggressive vocals with a slight growl, punchy guitars, a thundering beat and lyrics like “We’re in a world of shit, we ain’t gotta live like this.” Picture perfect hardcore. The band is preparing for a European tour currently and we can’t wait until they play the East Coast, because we will be there…in the pit… raising hell. ‘Welcome To The West Coast II’ is out now everywhere and streaming on Spotify, check it out now and prepare to have your mind blown.


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