A New Breed of Shredding: Toronto Canada’s Mike Milan Dedic


Today I bring you something special to me. As you all know, I love solo guitar work and have since the inception back in the early days of the NeoClassical, shred guitar craze. Uli Jon Roth, Yngwie Malmteen, Cacophony (Marty Friedman and Jason Becker), Joe Stump, Andy Timmons, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Satch, Dream Theater (I know, not solo, but Petrucci has to be in this list) and many others. These were my heroes when I started playing guitar and bass when I was in my mid-teens. I could not get enough of them and still listen to all of the same music more than 35 year later. It never gets old and never gets boring. Needless to say, with this pedigree, it is hard to impress me when it comes to this form of music. This is a very, very tough form of guitar skill to play and play well. I don’t say that to be a guitar snob, but just stating the fact that this is a hard row to hoe when these are still the go-to artists for shred.


That said, let me introduce you to Canadian guitarist Mike Milan Dedic from Toronto. Yes, he plays a scalloped fretboard, antique white Malmsteen Fender Stratocaster. Yes, his music breaks the sound barrier in speed, accuracy and rhythm. Yes, he plays all of the instruments on his freshman, self-titled release. So why listen when this has been done and is still being done by the guitar gods above? Because it is different. This is not a wanna be NeoClassical CD. It is straight rock ‘n roll in the style of Ace Frehly, Mick Mars and other classic hard rocking guitarists but at breakneck speeds. A modern take on an old recipe that Dedic has nailed the hell down. All five songs: “Energy”, “Zoom”, “Run!”, “Launch” and “Shall We Dance?” (my personal favorite) are fun and so easy to listen to. These are not four minute, full-throttle solos either. Dedic uses elements of Blues, Classic and early Progressive Rock and Metal to showcase his guitar prowess while remaining musical and completely accessible to us mere mortals. On top of his stellar guitar work, songs are well written and played with tasteful drums, rhythm guitar and really cool bass parts as well. Now, don’t get me wrong here, when the breakdown lands and the solo hits, IT… IS… ON! Holy shit fast as it should be and wholly fitting for the song’s composition. Mike’s compositions are simply brilliantly written and executed. I also really appreciate the raw production of this CD. Over production would have ruined the feel of Dedic’s style in my humble opinion. Just brilliant!


Seriously. Check out Mike Milan Dedic and give him some love. He is a new breed of shredder that should have appeal for just about everyone. Just fast and fun, good-time rock ‘n roll. His self-titled release can be found on CDBaby (where I bought my copy even though he gave me the CD, he’s that freaking good!), ITunes, Amazon, Google Music, 7Digital and many other fine digital music outlets worldwide. It takes a big pair of onions and huge skill to even attempt this type of release, so, Mike Milan Dedic: welcome to the Guitar God club man!

Mike’s Facebook page: Facebook

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